Photo Gallery Before and After Treatments

Fluoride gel application

It helps in prevention of tooth decay

Fluoride varnish application

It helps in prevention of tooth decay


Removal of decay & Composite (Tooth coloured) Filling

Root Canal Treatment

Caps in Milk Polars & Root canal Treatment of milk tooth

Mouth Breathing

Treatment of habits like mouth breathing .

Fractured Teeth

Treatment of fractured front tooth

Thumb Sucking

Habit breaking like thumb sucking

Tongue Thirsting

Treatment of Habits like tongue thirsting

Kids Crowns

In milky teeth when there is a root canal treatment or badly carious tooth we must give stainless steel crowns to maintain teeth till its exfoliation.

Space maintainers

If milk tooth goes off before particular age then there is a chance of space closure and ultimately malaligned teeth.
In this case space maintainers are given so the space can be retained till the permanent tooth erupts