Dr.Shalin Shah

B.D.S , M.D.S.

Pediatric Dental Surgeon

Dr.Pooja Shah


Dental Surgeon

Welcome,to "Sparsh Pediatric & Multispeciality dental clinic" we use advanced dental techniques,equipment and materials, so we are confident that you will be happy with the result. We offer pediatric dental services as well as all kinds of specialized treatment for patients. The key feature is our clinic is "PREVENTIVE PROTOCOL"in which we focus more on prevention of Dental problems even before they appears.

In our clinic we offer all types of specialized dental treatments for adults, maintaining all international standards, strict sterilization protocols, Friendly ambiance supported by "Audio Analgesia" with affordable rates,compiles perfect dental treatment for you. We prefer to take maximum advantage from latest technology that makes your treatment very smooth and fast which ultimately reduces duration and discomfort of dental treatment.

We have an exclusive Pediatric dental section under the secured hands of experienced pediatric dentist. We offer all typed of pediatric dental treatments since birth of the child upto 18 years including long term prevention from dental diseases. Kids are handled very gently and calmly during their dental treatment and clinic ambiance is so friendly for child that they always enjoy dental treatment at our clinic. We offer special preventive dental treatments that will provide long term protection for child's teeth securing their healthy future.

Our Goal is to Spread Healthy Smiles with positive attitudes towards dental treatment with the motto of " Prevention is better than Cure".